Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waxhaw Farmer's Market Finds

I wish that I could do justice in photographing the beautiful fruits and veggies that I found at the Waxhaw Farmer's Market this morning.

We have a lady who grows organic veggies, makes her own soap, and is always ready with a suggested recipe. The carrots and beets in the picture came from her.

Bill and Donna Makuch, who started this farmer's market, provided the tomatoes and baby pattypan squash, and their neighbor went the whole way to McBee (pronounced Mac'-bee) and probably to McLeod Farm to bring back these giant, aromatic peaches. I'll have some photos over the next few days to share what I transformed these veggies into. Lyndsey (daughter) is going to make healthy, whole grain pancakes in the morning and has laid claim to the peaches for slicing over those. Of course, I'll take pictures of those, too!

At my farmer's market, I can find organic, TRULY free range chicken eggs, small-batch delicious goat cheese (chevre), pickles and fruit preserves, whole grain and organic pita and other breads, all the veggies I would want, herbs and even flowers far more beautiful that any local florist has.

If you haven't been to your local farmer's market and maybe don't even know where it is, go to Local Harvest to find a market near you and take advantage of it. You will be getting produce cut and pulled that morning, eggs freshly plucked from the nests, and will be able to shake the hand of the farmer that is providing the food for your table.

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