Monday, February 11, 2008

I am sending you the following report about food safety because, unless you read trade news, you probably aren't aware of the ongoing efforts to ensure that our food supply is safe.

I don't think our government should be expected to do everything for us. I believe that in cases such as food and product safety, the corporations who produce the products should be held accountable for the quality of their products and should be very heavily fined and in some cases, there should be heads that roll at the company headquarters when decisions are made that knowingly compromise the consumer's health. Well, figuratively speaking, of course, but those who made the decision to sell the tainted pet food, or lead-infused painted toys, should see prison time. The penalty has to be tough enough to encourage future integrity.

Here's the food safety update:

In early February, some members of Congress pressed for more Food & Drug Administration (FDA) responsibility for food supplies. In addition, a federal grand jury indicted three companies (and their owners or top executives) for involvement in the tainted pet food scandal that rocked the country in 2007, claiming that the company and its top-level authorities knowingly mislabeled and sold food that contained a deadly chemical. This indictment is a big step in moving the United States toward better food safety, according to some. "There are a lot of vulnerable people in the current system," said Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who contends that the United States needs more inspection and a single food-safety agency. Durbin has introduced legislation to overhaul food safety, but that legislation has not yet been approved by congress. Meanwhile, the FDA has implemented a new food protection plan, and the head of the agency told Congress that the agency is doing its job, noting that in order to do more, the agency needs more people and more money.

Source: WCSH Portland

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