Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tobiko....that delicious, delectable, crunchy-pop-in-your-mouth jumble of green flying fish eggs garnishing the white salmon and prawn in the picture....if you haven't tried it you MUST! I had forgotten its pleasures till my friend and colleague, Chef Debbie of Yummy-Issimo mentioned tobiko in her blog. Thanks Deb!

Here in the Charlotte, NC area it's almost impossible to find some of the most common ingredients (think I can find your fresh dates, Deb???) and I cannot find tobiko. Trader Joes is supposed to stock it, but of course, ours doesn't. "Maybe during the holidays," the pimply clerk told me. No luck. Maybe when pigs fly?

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Yummy~issimo! said...

You poor thing! Living in beautiful SC while I'm in chilly Cincy. Put together a shopping list and I'll send you a care package of necessities like tobiko :)