Sunday, August 10, 2008

Operation Baking Gals

I'm so excited about Operation Baking Gals! (Gals stands for "Give a little support.) All across the country, baking gals (and guys) are showing their support for our troops overseas by firing up their ovens, dusting off their stand mixers, and pulling out their favorite recipes for baked goods!

This is the second round and I've volunteered to be a host this time. What I need is everyone's help to make this "Operation" a real success. We want our servicemen to be bombarded with goodies from home!

My serviceman is my son-in-law, Daryl, who is a staff sergeant in the Air Force serving in Iraq. Many of you have already met Daryl and know that he was shipped out a month before his precious little son, Deven, was born. Lyndsey and Daryl also have a 2 1/2 year old little girl, Mary, who misses her daddy tremendously. He can't wait to get home to see them, but that won't happen till early winter. In the meantime, we are all trying to keep him and his 22 other fellow troops from his air base in good spirits and aware that they are appreciated back home.

This is how it works: Ship anytime the week of August 23-30 and use the USPS for your package that will be going to a camp in Iraq. What can you bake? That's up to you! Just keep in mind that it will take about one week to get to Daryl and will be subjected to temperatures over 100 degrees and lots of jostling around along the way.

If you or any of your baking friends want to join my team, please post a quick comment here and email me at thehungryfox AT yahoo DOT com and I'll send you more info and Daryl's address.

Here's a recent letter from Daryl to a friend of mine after she and her book club sent them a care package:

On behalf of all of the troops on Alpha flight/586ESFS, I would like to say thank you so much for that wonderful care package that you sent us. We really appreciate it. Out of everything that you sent us, the cookies were the biggest hit around here. Everyone just went on and on about them. I also appreciate the beautiful letter that you wrote as well. And trust me I know how blessed I am to have such a beautiful family. Well I have to turn in now, but please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the rest of the wonderful women in the Book Club. It really makes this place not so bad when you know you have such wonderful people supporting you. You and Franklin are wonderful and I thank you for your support during this deployment. I love you guys and can't wait to see you both when I come home. ~Daryl

I hope to hear from you and your friends soon!

Bon App├ętit!
Chef Debbie

Here's our team so far!
Heather Peskin of Brooklyn, NY & Sherry Trifle
Carmella Lanni-Giardina of the Bronx, NY & The Food Duo
Amy Gurnsey from Detroit, MI & Wake Me When It's Over
Tanya Schroeder of Hoffman Estates, IL & Take the Cannoli
Beth Morey of Missoula, MT & Muffin Love Chick
Kim Onstott of Estrella Mountain Resort, AZ & Your Place Gourmet
Kelsey Morris of NY, NY & Kelsey Kakes
Linda Harper of Los Angeles, CA & Tender Crumb
Brent Evans of Charlotte, NC & Personal Chefs Network
Gwen Byrd of Lancaster, SC


ChefBrent said...

Count me in.


Sherry Trifle - Lovely Cats said...

Debbie: Here's my full i.d. type information:
Name: Heather Peskin
Blog Name: Sherry Trifle
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Chef Debbie said...

Thanks so much Sherry!

I'm really touched by the response to this project!