Monday, March 23, 2009

The Best Dim Sum in San Francisco

Dim Sum or Deem Sum is the Chinese tradition of small helpings served along side tea. Kind of like tapas, actually, where you can go to a restaurant with a group of friends and each of you orders a variety of selections, then you share and get to taste lots of different dishes. It's a really fun way that Bob and I like to eat rather than just having a mega-size entree of one thing. So, one of my goals while in San Francisco was to go to a really great Chinese restaurant that served dim sum style.

It would have been great if Bob could have joined me, but he had to make some business calls. I was on my own and ready to conquer China Town! But how to find "the best" dim sum restaurant there? I turned to our hotel concierge, who assured me that Yank Sing served the best dim sum in SF (and repeatedly voted so by local diners) and had moved out of China Town and into the upscale and bustling Rincon Business Center. An easy walk from the Ferry Building, he assured me. So off I went on my adventure!

Now, if you've never been to a dim sum restaurant you really must go and give it a try. This way of eating is perfectly suited for all of us who have a bit of trouble making up our mind when we peruse a menu. It's the solution for all who fear commitment. The servers pass by your table with rolling carts laden with steam baskets full of steamed vegetables, stuffed and beautifully formed dumplings, fried seafood and meat of all kinds, and finally desserts. You choose as the meal progresses and it's really great fun to have such variety.

This cold red cabbage slaw was the first dish offered to me and I accepted it to last throughout the meal. It was delicious, with a citrusy-sweet light dressing and sweet walnut halves. What a healthy way to start the meal (and fill up so I wouldn't be too tempted by the fried foods later!).

The very beauty of the Chinese dumplings makes it hard to resist them. These little perfectly-formed and steamed packages of dough were stuffed with succulent shrimp and crab meat. Easy to pick up with chopsticks (always a plus for me!), two bites each, and were tender and delicious.

One of the most interesting dishes I tried was this little bundle of sticky rice that was wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed. The server used scissors to cut it open for me. The delightful surprise inside was barbecued pork and shrimp!

Just when I decided that I was filled to the brim, along came a server with Peking Duck. She offered me a tiny plate on which sat a precious little clam-shaped steamed roll, a small shingle of duck with the crispy skin attached, a stack of slivered scallion, and a tiny spoonful of sauce; the goal being to create my own delightful little sandwich. It was too much for me to resist! Another two bites and that really was all I could consume for lunch. I can't wait to seek out a good dim sum restaurant in Charlotte when I get home!
Bon App├ętit!
Chef Debbie


She who cooks... said...

debbie - looks like you are having an amazing trip.
the dim sum looks delectable!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy dim sum and cool blog! Found you on the USPCA member board :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy dim sum and cool blog! Found you on the USPCA member board :)