Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Sun is Shining in Sun City and the Village of Marvin

Lyndsey (my daughter and chef's assistant) and I are sitting on the couch, quite unwilling to get up for any reason (thank goodness for the remote control!) because we both had wonderfully busy days today. I held two cooking classes at Sun City Carolina Lakes and Lyndsey respresented us in the Chili Cookoff Fall Festival in the village of Marvin.

For me, I just think it's hard to beat being with a group of retired folks living in beautiful Sun City. They are always there to have fun and share. Some were seasoned cooks and some, after having worked for years, were interested in taking up cooking now that they have the time. All were there to enjoy what I had to teach them. They especially enjoyed the tasting part of the class!

Lyndsey really enjoyed the all-American atmosphere of the festival...good, clean fun, families, and friendly, friendly folks! She's a real people person and we know she was in heaven this afternoon with that endless supply of people to talk to!

I think we'll just sit here a while longer. I need to build up the reserves to be able to make it up the steps to fall into bed! What a great day!

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