Friday, August 24, 2007

Cooking up this blog!

I just finished setting up my new blog spot...well...not really finished because I haven't uploaded my picture yet to my profile and still have tons more to learn about this medium that is so new to me! Check back and I promise you lots of recipes, local news, and restaurant reviews as well as exciting news from my kitchen table!

I went to Philadelphia, PA and stayed at the beautiful Loews Hotel a couple of weeks ago for the USPCA annual conference and joined more that 200 other personal chefs for classes and LOTS of great food and "celebration." You can imagine how much information we shared, and how much fun we had! (I'm the one in the striped skirt - what WAS I thinking wearing horizontal stripes???) with friends at the famous Striped Bass restaurant.)

First of all, for most of us (people in general) food is JOY. For all of us "foodies" anything involving food brings us unexplicable happiness. So, because every class I took was related to food and my business (which is FOOD service) it kept my interest far more than 99% of all my PSU classes all those many years ago!

Chef Mark Tafoya, executive chef of The Guilded Fork and founder of the Culinary Podcast Network is solely to blame for my introduction into blogging because he taught the "new media" class. (Check out #104-A Taste of Philly to hear some of our fabulous speakers.) I have a feeling this will be addictive!


Yummy~issimo! said...

Deb ~ your blog is full of great information and I love the recipes! Have great fun in Mexico and bring back lots of new recipes to post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,

Congratulations on starting your blog. It looks great!

Mia Andrews
Canadian Personal Chef Association

Linda India said...

Hi Debbie, I know you are an old pro blogger by now but I was reading through some old blogs and came to this one when you were starting. Its good to know someone has been through the process as I am still figuring out this media. Each day I'm learning more.Linda